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FSSE 2014 Institutional Report is Ready!

18,500 faculty from more than 140 institutions in the U.S. and Canada participated in FSSE 2014. To read more, please click here.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any institution that participated in NSSE in the current or prior year may administer FSSE to their faculty. Looking at faculty responses to FSSE items can help contextualize student responses to NSSE.

Create your own report using FSSE results

FSSE’s new public interactive tool draws upon three years of FSSE data, including approximately 350 institutions and more than 44,000 faculty members, and is a simple-to-use form that generates aggregate results from individual survey questions and benchmarks according to selected faculty and institution characteristics. The tool guides the user through a step-by-step interview, and confirms the selection before running the query. Results can be exported to Excel. Give it a try!

FSSE in Action

We rely upon NSSE and FSSE data to encourage the campus community to take responsibility for student learning and engagement."

Margaret W. Cohen, Associate Provost for Professional Development and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Missouri - St. Louis

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Percent of time engineering faculty report spending on research and scholarly work.

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Findings from the most recent NSSE, FSSE, and BCSSE administrations


Information that can be used to improve various aspects of institutional performance


Display FSSE results by user-selected faculty and institutional characteristics